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Trade your talents and unneeded valuables, cash-free, with the people around you.

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Minolta Autopak House & Techno vinyl Classic literature Xbox 360 games
Homemade Tiramisu Hepl you move house Logo Brand, UI design Dog sitting
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Give, and you shall receive

Helping to walk a neighbour's dog could get you French classes, new art for your bedroom, or a new jacket - without costing you a cent.

A perfect match

Finding a great trade is finally easy. Jaspr learns what you want and what you have and finds you a perfect trade partner instantly so you can get trading quickly.

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trade with your neighbours

Trade With Your Neighbours

Trade works best when it's done with like-minded people nearby. Jaspr lets its community build trade groups letting you find great things to trade with people you'd love to meet.

Expect the Unexpected

With trade, the possibilities are endless. Imagine getting a hot air balloon ride, a private piano concert or that Gameboy from your childhood, just by helping a neighbour move house!

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